Y. Chandraprakash, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad

With 3 heart vessels, I hardly was confident to move even 10 feet. A relative suggested that I try EECP Treatment as there is no surgery or side effects. I took EECP Treatment almost 2 years ago. Even till date I’m quite capable of moving on my own and doing my own things. I recommend EECP to all others who are suffering from any kind of cardiac problem.

Pallavi Mathur, Begumpet, Hyderabad

EECP at LIVO Healthcare is a very simple but very good process. It is easy to reach, totally air-conditioned and the doctor in-charge was a specialist I’m sure. Before the Treatment my condition was not well at all. Look at me now…I can walk and lead life a lot more easily and I am able to do most of my own works just like before. The Treatment definitely provides one with a lot of benefits. No hazard of surgery and additionally, it does not burden you with side effects.

Sam Emmenuelle, Tarnaka, Hyderabad

EECP is the best Treatment to develop collaterals around the blocks and also it helps in increasing the blood flow. That too without any surgical process. As it does not have any side effect, it is perfectly safe and secure. My mom has already got it done. After the Treatment, it took hardly seven days and touch wood…she became quite fit and active. All this shortness of breath and weakness…all got reduced. Now she can walk comfortably up to 2 km. And EECP at LIVO is a fantastic experience. Located in a place we can reach easily, centrally air-conditioned, great doctors and support staff, international machines…you cannot help but feel better

Zahida Parvez, Barkatpura, Hyderabad

EECP at LIVO is just an amazing experience. EECP already has some huge advantages over regular surgical process, like no pain, injury or side effects. That too when one is receiving the epitomised quality possible at LIVO – a place comfortable to reach; centrally air-conditioned with separate private chamber allotted to each of its clients. International quality equipment and you’re taken care by efficient doctors and staff. It took around a week or a little more for me to get the positive result. I can clearly breathe again besides walking at medium pace and engaging in light jogging also. Everyone should try EECP and ideally at LIVO.

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