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Website Privacy Policy

LIVO Heart is committed to providing protection to the security and privacy of the visitors to the site. You are allowed to visit and access the site without giving any personal information. We usually do not collect any kind of information that would be personally identifying you unless you are yourself choosing to provide the same.

Information Provided by You

Our site contains special forms that are meant for you towards requesting information or supplying feedback to our site. In some special cases, information like email addresses, phone number, or return addresses might be required such that we are able to supply the requested information. In some other cases, correct addresses and names might be required for accessing the credit or debit card payments.

Once you filled out the specific information form, we might contact you with some follow-up information as well as questions. We do not aim at providing any information that could be supplied through the web forms to any third-party or outside organization. On an occasional basis, we sometimes tend to survey our incoming visitors to the site. This process helps us in understanding the exact needs of the customers such that we are able to improve the overall site. We usually do not inquire about any particular information out of such surveys that would be aimed at personally identifying you. If in any case, we do request the particular contact information out of you for some follow-up process, then it is at your will to either accept or decline the request.

“Phishing” is a big time scam that has been designed for stealing your private and personal information. If you do receive any email that appears as if it has come from LIVO Heart and is the particular email would be asking you for some specific personal information, then it is recommended that you should NOT respond to the same. We would never be requesting you to provide your account details or other confidential information like user names, passwords, credit or debit card information, or any other kind of personal information through some email.

In any event wherein you would be accessing any particular service from us that would require some user name & password, then you would be solely responsible to keep the particular user name and password intact and confidential completely.

Non-Personal Information

The site of LIVO Heart collects the IP (Internet Protocol) address automatically of the particular computer systems that would be accessing the site. An IP address is used to denote a particular number that gets assigned to your computer system when you are accessing the Internet and its services. It should not be regarded as a truly personally identifiable number.Still, we utilize this information in some aggregate form for understanding how the site is being utilized and how we can deliver better services to the site visitors to make them return.

You should note that though such kind of information is not of the personally identifiable type, we can still determine the geographic location as well as the Internet Service Provider of the given visitor from his or her IP address from the given point of connectivity.

We usually tend to collect information about the visitors who are coming to our site with the help of “cookies”. Cookies are used to denote some alphanumeric identifiers that are usually transferred to the hard drive of the particular computer system through the specific web browser of the user. Cookies never get associated with any particular personal identities.

You are at your own will of deleting the cookies whenever you like. The section “help” that is usually located on the toolbar of most of the web browsers might be giving you relevant information about ways of preventing your web browser from the acceptance of new cookies or about how to receive some notifications from the web browser in case you are receiving a new cookie and about ways of disabling the cookies altogether. As the cookies will be allowing you to take the full advantage of the unique & the best features of our site, we would be recommending you to leave the cookies feature turned on.

In the current scenario, we are utilizing Google Analytic and its high-end features for analyzing our target audience of the site and thus, improving our content. In this process, no personal data or information gets collected from the Google Analytics.

Opting Out of Services

You also have the freedom to opt out of the option of receiving any further information from our end. If in any case, you have changed your mind about receiving any further information that you must have requested through our site, you are free to contact us. Once you have reached out to us, you can ask for the option of opting out of any type of future contact from us. Some of the additional services that are offered by LIVO Heart on the site might require the visitors to agree & accept the given set of terms & conditions.

Opting Out of Services

You also have the freedom to opt out of the option of receiving any further information from our end. If in any case, you have changed your mind about receiving any further information that you must have requested through our site, you are free to contact us. Once you have reached out to us, you can ask for the option of opting out of any type of future contact from us. Some of the additional services that are offered by LIVO Heart on the site might require the visitors to agree & accept the given set of terms & conditions.

Security of Information

The access and use of this site might require the particular entity to give in some kind of personal information like the email address, name, fax & telephone numbers, and some other types of demographic and personal data & information. The entry of all the possible personal information is completely voluntary and at your own will. LIVO Heart is not aimed at trading, selling, or renting any kind of personal information about the visitors of the site.

All the information that gets collected from the visitors of the site are sent by using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This is a high-tech innovative method of dealing with data & information that offers a great level of data privacy and protection. Your confidentiality and privacy is our topmost priority at all times.

In addition to taking the reasonable and relevant care of all your personal information for safeguarding the same, LIVO Heart does not provide guarantee the utmost security of all the electronic transmissions and communications. This is because any kind of transmission that will be made over on the Internet by any individual or organization will be running at the risk of increased interception.

Linking to Other Sites

We encourage the visitors to our site be aware & cautious while they are leaving the site. The visitors must read the detailed privacy policy and its statements of all the possible websites that would be colleting the personally identifiable information from you. This particular privacy policy applies only to the information that would be collected by this site.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

As a leading healthcare service provider, we make sure that all the confidential information provided by you is completely safe and secure. We utilize the private information provided by you like health information for creating proper records with respect to detailed health information such that we are able to provide you with the topmost quality of healthcare. We also aim at complying with the specific legal requirements when it comes to accessing and using your personal information in the healthcare industry. We do understand the fact that all the healthcare information offered by you is completely personal. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the top-notch privacy of the same under the given state as well as national laws. In this Privacy Policy, for convenience of the visitors to our site, we are required by proper laws to ensure that we have relevant & reasonable processes intact for keeping your health information confidential & private.

At LIVO Heart, our mission is and will be always “patients first”. We acknowledge, understand and respect the rights of the individuals or the visitors to site with respect to the privacy as well as the associate concerns one might be having with respect to the overall security and privacy. We realize the importance of the protection of the privacy of several types of personal information given by you in the form of patients to our center as well as the general users of the site.

Disclaimer of Warranty

All the services, resources, materials, and other kinds of information are provided on this site “as is” by LIVO Heart for educational purposes only. LIVO Heart makes no implied or express warranties which are not limited to any kind of merchantability or warranties, fitness for some particular use or purpose, non-infringement or title.

As a visitor to the site, you must note that through its very unique nature, a site cannot be completely protected against various forms of malicious or intended attempts of intrusion. In addition to this, LIVO Heart does not impose any control of the computer systems, the Internet, or the devices over which you might be choosing to send the confidential or private information to the site. As such, LIVO Heart cannot be preventing any such compromises or interventions to the personal information offered by you while you are on transit to the official website of LIVO Heart.

Though most of the content on the site with respect to healthcare and health information gets reviewed as well as approved by the special healthcare professionals & experts, LIVO Heart does not provide any guarantee with respect the overall accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the given information. In addition to this, LIVO Heart is also not responsible for any kinds of omissions or errors or for the upcoming results that would be obtained from the accessing and usage of such information.

You agree as well as acknowledge that LIVO heart does not control or operate the Internet and its services. Therefore, LIVO Heart does not provide any guarantee with respect to the fact that the accessing and utilizationof the site will be completely free from all possible errors or it would be free from any site downtime or technology errors.

You also agree and acknowledge the fact that LIVO Heart does not and cannot guarantee the prevention against the possible viruses, hackers, unauthorized access, or worms which might be attempting to gain access to the site or your computer system through the use of the Internet and its services.

LIVO Heart also reserves its rights towards permanently or temporarily discontinuing the given site, or any of its pages, or any specific functionality on the site at any time and without any prior notice of the same. Thus, you must keep visiting the site frequently to be aware of the same.

Therefore, LIVO heart aims to be making no guarantees with respect to the overall security, confidentiality, or integrity of any kind of information that would be transmitted to or from the site or which could be stored within the site.

Beyond the scope of our relevant & reasonable care for safeguarding your information while it is in transit, LIVO Heart does not and cannot guarantee the complete security of the transmissions as well as communications made over the medium of Internet.

Limitation of Liability

As a visitor to the site, you must assume that the sole responsibility and the risk of the transmission of your private information would be related to the usage of the site. In any case of specific corruption of the data, intentional intrusions, interceptions, or even unauthorized access to the given information, or any kind of delays or interruptions or failures could be preventing the overall use & access of the site.

Under no event or occasion shall LIVO Heart be held liable for any form of special, direct, indirect, monetary or consequential damages including penalties, fees in connection to the usage of the resources & materials as posted on the site or connection to & from the site to any other site. LIVO Heart has the sole freedom to change the given Privacy Policy without even giving any prior notice with respect to the same. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep checking the privacy policy every now and then to be aware of the modifications & changes. By visiting and accessing the site, you are agreeing to the given terms & conditions.

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