Warning Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

Heart attack symptoms

There is a common belief that women do not suffer from potential heart diseases or strokes. However, the fact that more women die from heart diseases than from any other related issues. Any woman can get heart-related issues. But, when a heart attack strikes, it might not feel the same in women as it does in men. Women do not always receive the same basic heart attack symptoms in men like crushing pain in the chest or radiating down a single arm. These symptoms of the heart attack might happen to women, however, they might experience silent or vague signs that they might miss out.

Here are some common symptoms in women with a possible heart attack:

Chest Pain or Extreme Discomfort

Discomfort or chest pain is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack. However, women might experience it varyingly than men. This might feel like fullness or squeeze of the chest. The pain could be anywhere around the chest area, but not necessarily on the left-hand side. It can be highly uncomfortable with tightening feeling.

Pain in the Arms, Jaws, Back or Neck

This type of discomfort is more common in women than in men. It tends to confuse most of the women who could be expecting some pain in their left arm or chest, or on the back or jaw. This type of pain could be sudden or gradual. These symptoms might arise in any part of the body above your waist.

Pain in Stomach

Sometimes individuals might mistake pain in the stomach that would be signaling a possible heart attack with symptoms like heartburn, stomach ulcer, or flu. At other times, women might be experiencing severe forms of abdominal pressure that might feel like something heavy on the stomach.

Nausea, Lightheadedness or Shortness of Breath

In case you are experiencing trouble in breathing for no valid reason, you might be facing a possible heart attack. This could be the case especially if you are also experiencing additional symptoms. It might feel like you have run a marathon without even having moved a leg.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating is normal for everyone. However, if you tend to sweat profusely, then this might be a warning signal. Breaking out in cold, nervous can be quite common in women who are having a heart stroke. It might feel like sweating related to stress rather than normal perspiration from a normal workout or spending time out in sun. If you are experiencing sudden heat flashes, then it is time to head out to your doctor soon.


Some women start feeling extremely tired even after doing nothing. Patients with heart attack often complain of extreme tiredness in their chest and other parts of the body. With fatigue, they are not even able to simple activities like normal walking.

Not everyone might get feel all of the symptoms. However, as a woman, don’t neglect if you feel any of the symptoms, you must consult your family doctor or preferably a cardiologist.

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