Four Weeks of Healthy-Heart Tips

Healthy Heart Tips

Are you looking forward to having a strong & healthy heart? Here is a four-week routine towards improving your heart health.

Week One

  • Park & Walk: Do you park your car right near the entry of your workplace or home? Try parking it away from the main gate and walking from some farther destination. Spare yourself some energy and gain enhanced health by parking away from your destination.
  • Get Sweet Rewards: Try skipping the cake, bid goodbye to the pies, and try taking a family walk after lunch or dinner. You can try getting a reward that tends to be sweeter than the dessert all time together.
  • Warm Up: Try warming up before you work out. If you are planning to run, then start by walking gradually. Then catch up the walk fast and speed up jogging that increases the heart rate. When you are inactive, your muscles are cooler and tighter. Ease them up by letting them loose in a gradual manner.
  • Stretch after Every Workout: If you wish to prevent any strain or injuries after a workout, then you must stretch after every workout session.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: Water is life. You would need more water for longer & harder workout. You must keep yourself hydrated to ensure the health of your heart.

Week Two

  • Take the Stairs: Elevator might make your life easier. However, it does not improve your heart rate. For a healthy rate, try walking up the stairs to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dance It Up: If you have a dancing nerve, then try moving your legs a bit to keep your heart strong and lively. You will be eventually burning more calories and you might even develop a new hobby.
  • Quit Bad Habits: Any of the bad habits like excessive alcohol, cigarette smoking, drugs or caffeine can increase your stress levels substantially. Try quitting these bad habits for keeping your heart healthy.

Week Three

  • Take Less Stress: Try keeping yourself under less stress. Stress is a major factor contributing to heart diseases and strokes.
  • Become Organized: When you bring in time plan or organize your daily activities or setting up your workplace or home, then this can lessen your stress levels. For instance, by organizing just one phase of your life –desk, closet, kitchen, overall house, you can enhance your living conditions.
  • Wear a Pedometer: For increasing your overall physical activity, try wearing a pedometer for one to two weeks towards finding out how many steps you are taking on an average level. By analyzing the same, you can speed up the fitness regime for your healthy heart.

Week Four

  • Get Busy While Traveling for Business: If you are out on a business trip, then consider getting busy by walking around, jogging, or cycling.
  • Become Active at Work: When you are at a workplace, try being active there also to activate your heart. Take 5 minutes stretch breaks throughout the day during your office timings.

Follow these weekly routines to ensure the health of your heart!

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